YouTube releases new stats

Photo credit: Greg Schechter (Flickr)

Do you know that YouTube receives at least one billion unique monthly visits? If this number is not mind-blowing enough for you, here is another one that may change your mind.

People watch six billion hours of video each month! It means that if every human being in the world had access to YouTube, they would spend almost an hour there.

According to Nielsen, the video-sharing platform attracts more U.S.-based users in the 18 to 34 age range than any cable network.


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    We have been preaching this to our PR clients for quite some time, ORGANIC YouTube engagements are a key item in a marketing/PR campaign…for more serious clients (entertainment industry) though, VEVO is the more relevant. I love YT though because I can find tutorials on just about anything under the sun! Great post Cendrine!

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